Saturday, January 16, 2021

Private 1-on-1 or private small group lessons available by appointment at MMA Judo Center – 40 Ray Ave, Burlington, MA. There is plenty of floorspace, mirrors, heavy bags, double-end bag, matted flooring. As the boxing instructor at the studio, I am a competitive amateur boxer & NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer with competitive boxing coaching experience, and a BS in Sports Medicine.

CALL TO SCHEDULE AN INTRODUCTORY 60 MINUTE PRIVATE 1-on-1 SESSION FOR ONLY $20!!! Fun, friendly learning environment. Sparring is not a mandatory part of the lessons, though I highly suggest you try it. Sparring starts very light and controlled in the form of specific fundamental drills.

Sessions last 60 minutes, and include me guiding you through an authentic boxing workout: jumping rope, dynamic warm-up, form & fundamentals, shadowboxing, heavy bag work, mitt work, floor work (core, etc.), calisthenics, cardio drills, footwork drills, & sparring if applicable. 1-on-1 sessions cost $40 each. If training with a partner or small group, rates will get more & more affordable per person, the more people involved ($60 total for 2 people, $75 for 3, $100 for 4-10).

Call Kevin any time for boxing at 617-571-6341. Ask about how to jump into the new intense boot camp I’m running (SUNDAYS AT 10AM!!!) Limited slots so call to register asap! Judo, aikido, kendo & kickboxing-for-fitness classes also available!!! Call Rick for judo or other martial arts info at 781-507-4082. Thank you

Location: Meara’s Martial Arts Burlington, MA