Saturday, January 16, 2021

Thinking about or planning to build a timber frame structure.
Need some experienced help.
I am looking to build or assist a homebuilder that needs help with timber frame design, layout and cutting.

I have over 20 years experience in timber frame joinery and assisting homebuilders or contractors with the execution of their timber frame projects. If you have any timber frame questions I can freely be of assistance over the phone and can also give you some answers via Email. If you like I can cut your frame at my facility and it can be trucked to your site, or I can travel to your site and work with you laying out your project. Instruction on layout and cutting.

Additionally I have replaced sills and have done restoration work on standing buildings such as the Barn George Washington’s horse was stabled in, when he visited his soldiers in Fitzwilliam, NH, built in 1778,Repairing rotted sills and plates with spliced joints and attenuated connections.

You can also request a free E-Book on how to cut Knee Braces with a standard example laid out.

Contact: Chet Sinclair 413 532-6191